How to choose the best Apartment-size refrigerator?

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If you are a small homeowner, you probably make the most of every square foot of your space in creative and clever ways. That is why space is one of the most important factors to consider when replacing your refrigerator

A refrigerator is an expensive appliance that you want to get the most value from for the longest time. The largest is not always the best. Getting a fridge that does not fit your kitchen size could be a big, costly mistake.

Although you may have a large family with a need for a considerable amount of food storage space, it is advisable to consider getting an apartment refrigerator rather than a large-sized refrigerator if your kitchen’s real estate is limited.

This article gives insights into the value of apartment-size refrigerators and the best models to consider when shopping for a new fridge.

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Apartment Size Refrigerator
Apartment Size Refrigerator

What is an apartment refrigerator?

Apartment refrigerators are fridges with lightweight specifications and lean dimensions designed to fit comfortably in tight spaces. Apartment-size refrigerators have less than 12 cubic feet of storage and are less than 30 inches wide.

Depending on the size of your kitchen space, you could decide to settle for a 24” or a 30-36” wide refrigerator. Whichever one you choose, the height of the fridge will be relatively similar, 60-75”. Although the storage space of an apartment fridge is a little smaller than a full-size fridge, their interiors are pretty identical.

Despite their limited capacity, there are plenty of sleek and stylish models of small-sized refrigerators with both cooling and freezing capabilities that you could choose from.

Features of Apartment-Size fridge

Light Weight

Compared to larger fridge models, apartment refrigerators are lighter, well-designed, and compact fridge models which offer lightweight mobility. If weight is an essential factor for you, you could consider getting an apartment fridge that weighs less than 110 pounds.

Slender, Flat Dimensions

Most apartment refrigerators have an upright configuration and compressed dimensions that allow them to fit into tiny spaces. Although these refrigerators have a smaller width, they have plenty of space that will enable you to store your food conveniently.

Having an appliance that adequately serves your cooling needs without monopolizing your kitchen space gives you plenty of freedom to move between counters and other areas during food preparation areas.

Stylish Designs

Although your kitchen space limits the size of the refrigerator you can purchase, there are many colors, designs, and apartment refrigerator finishes that you could choose from.

8 things to consider when shopping for an apartment fridge size

  1. Refrigerator features
  2. Refrigerator brands
  3. Refrigerator organization
  4. Refrigerator styles
  5. Reversible door
  6. Refrigerator bottle and can storage
  7. Garage-ready design
  8. Choosing a new fridge

1. Refrigerator Features

Besides space, there are other considerations that you should make, such as the most suitable counter depth and other external features such as door types. When shopping for a new refrigerator, you could consider getting a fridge with exterior features that enable you to open and reach storage spaces with much more ease easily.

2. Refrigerator Brands

It is essential to consider the brand of the refrigerator when shopping for apartment refrigerators. Some brands sacrifice critical features such as Fast Cool, ice makers, and temperature controls. Make sure that the brand of the new unit also comes from renowned companies.

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3. Refrigerator Organization

You also need to consider the organization of your food in the new fridge. Ensure that the refrigerator has flexible storage such as hanging storage that will allow you to add shelf space whenever necessary and bins that slide up and down.

Get a fridge that will enable you to store bulky items like milk in gallon door bins to free up space on the refrigerator shelves.

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4. Refrigerator Styles

Apartment refrigerators are available in different styles. The most popular design is the one that resembles the traditional refrigerator but in a smaller size. It has a freezer compartment on the top that lets you store frozen food and a compartment at the bottom that is twice as large as the freezer.

Modern apartment refrigerators are designed with a freezer at the bottom and a door opened or mounted from the right or left. There are also models with one door at the front and a freezer tucked inside the fridge.

The best apartment refrigerator model is the top freezer because it has fewer needs for repairs or replacements.

However, the bottom freezer from trusted brands such as Whirlpool is an option you could consider if you are looking for an energy-efficient unit with ample freezer compartment space that experiences fewer repairs or replacements than other bottom freezers.

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5. Reversible door

When looking for an apartment refrigerator, go for one with a reversible door. A reversible door offers you the flexibility to fit a narrow refrigerator where it is most suitable and convenient for you, without worrying about obstructions like walls.

Getting a fridge model that opens to either the right or left, unlike a model that opens to the left or right, gives you less flexibility. This feature is quite handy when you want to fit the fridge in a tight spot in a garage surrounded by storage cabinets and other stored items.

Get a fridge model that also has recessed handles. Recessed handles give the fridge a flush look and sleek design that other models of refrigerators cannot match. Moreover, the recessed handles are one less thing for you to clean and repair.

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6. Refrigerator Bottle and can storage

Bottle and can storage features in your apartment refrigerator offer you a convenient storage option for your drinks. Not only do not you eliminate the need for an extra appliance, but the extra can also ensure that your beverages such as soda, seltzer, or even wine are securely stored without shaking or moving around much.

This is a valuable feature in a narrow refrigerator, where space is quite limited. It can keep things neat and organized, thereby making it easy for you to access and keep track of foodstuffs at the back of the fridge.

7. Garage-ready design

Apartment refrigerators that have a garage-ready design can withstand the uneven temperatures of a semi-outdoor space. The appliance can maintain the appropriate internal temperature that you set and operate appropriately without breaking down despite the garage’s temperature.

8. Choosing a New Fridge

Size is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing an apartment fridge. Most small home dwellers find the 7.3 or 7.4 cubic foot refrigerator large enough for their food storage needs. However, some people prefer the ten cubic feet refrigerator ideal considering their family size.

To maximize space, manufacturers are making fridges that have thinner but taller dimensions. This way, you get more storage space that does not take up much of your floor space.

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Benefits of apartment refrigerators

Apartment refrigerators are ideal for most city dwellers. They are smaller than the traditional fridges but bigger than the dorm room models. They have a storage capacity of enough for one or two people, although some apartment refrigerators are designed with enough storage space for the entire family, depending on the brand.

Recent models now come with a water dispenser and ice cube maker located inside the refrigerator. So with a fridge that allows for maximum storage space, you get to enjoy a refrigerating unit that maximizes operation capacity and minimizes floor space.

As manufacturers keep tweaking the overall design, you’ll find some that come with an ice cube maker or a water dispenser inside. Using an apartment refrigerator can help open up your kitchen and give you more workspace too.

5 Best apartment refrigerators in 2024

  1. GE 11.9-cu ft Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator 
  2. Samsung 17.6 Cu. ft. RT18M6215 Top-freezer
  3. The Magic Chef 10.1 Cu. Ft. top Freezer Refrigerator
  4. Whirlpool WRT518SZFM 18 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator
  5. Kalamera KRC-18SZB 18 Bottle Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

1. GE 11.9-cu ft Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator 

This counter-depth bottom freezer from GE is designed to give your kitchen an exquisite new modern look that fits nearly flush with your kitchen counters and cabinets. This twenty-four-inch wide refrigerator gives you plenty of food storage space. Its slim and tall structure is ideal for small home environments like apartments.

Besides its high operational performance, you should consider getting this fridge because it has excellent features. For example, it has temperature-controlled drawers with three accurate temperature settings. The temp zone provides a perfect area to store your meat, deli, and beverages.

It also has an area for storing wine bottles in the bottle rack. However, if you are not an avid wine drinker, you can fold this section when it is not in use to maximize the interior space for the things you love to eat. The storage drawer between the freezer and the fridge can also hold water, a seltzer, and other soft drinks.

Although this model has no ice maker, it gives your kitchen a modern built-in look and the advantage of not having to bend down when stuffing your refrigerator.

It also gives you plenty of room for freezing your large-sized turkey in the freezer compartment. But it is pretty expensive, so if you can afford it, this fridge will give you the best value for your money for the next ten-plus years.

2. Samsung 17.6 Cu. ft. RT18M6215 Top-freezer

This top freezer model from Samsung is an excellent alternative to the LG bottom freezer if you are a bit tight on budget. It has an external width of 28 inches and a capacity of 17.6 Cu. Ft and is about 31 inches high.

Some of the best features include a flex zone with adjustable temperature control in which you could store your large party trays, pizzas, deli items, and beverages. The flex zone has a temperature sensor that allows you to adjust the amount of cold air in the area when necessary. So you can adjust the temperature in the freezer and refrigerate more items whenever you need extra space.

With this model, you also get to benefit from Samsung’s revolutionary technology of twin cooling systems. This feature separates the airflow in the freezer and refrigerator by up to 70%. This feature ensures that there is no mixing of odors and that food lasts fresh for longer. It also allows you to keep humidity in the freezer minimum to reduce freeze burn.

This model also allows you to enjoy other features such as a reversible door, Sabbath mode, an ice maker, and adjustable shelving that will enable you to increase your storage space whenever needed.

It’s upper full-width deli drawer slides out for easier access. It is also an energy star certified unit, and you can rest assured of minimal energy consumption and very efficient yearly energy consumption.

You can decide to have a white, fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel or a fingerprint-free stainless steel design, depending on the appearance of your kitchen. This model also has spill-proof drawers and a built-in ice maker that is fitted inside the freezer.

The overall dimension of this refrigerator is smaller than other top-freezer refrigerators, making it an ideal solution for your small apartment.

Although the design of the fridge is simple, and the model lacks some of the features you would get in other top-rated refrigerators, this fridge gives you good value for many years at a slightly lower price if you are on a budget.

3. The Magic Chef 10.1 Cu. Ft. top Freezer Refrigerator

The Magic Chef 10.1 cu. ft. top Freezer Refrigerator is the best budget apartment-size refrigerator in 2021. It is an in-between cooling machine that is more spacious than a mini-refrigerator but more compact than a regular household unit.

This Magic Chef model is 26 inches wide, 59.4 inches high, and 23.6 inches deep. This compact size makes it suitable for squeezed kitchen spaces, office kitchenettes, or breakrooms. This fridge offers you numerous cold-storage areas for your food and beverage despite the small footprint floor coverage.

It also has glass-covered crispers to keep your foodstuffs fresh. The adjustable shelving, like the one slide-out wire shelf in the freezer, and two adjustable height glass shelves in the refrigerator allow you to organize your products to prevent the exchange of odors that could make food go rancid quickly.

The freezer takes about 2.7 cubic feet of the unit’s space and has door storage to prevent you from losing track of items in the back. The straightforward design makes it easy for you to put stuff in your basement or RV.

Besides that, this straightforward fridge design with reversible doors is an excellent option for you if you plan to stick to a budget. Although it does not come with an ice maker or an ice dispenser, you will enjoy an automatic defroster and other flexible features that allow you to set it up whenever necessary without worrying about the fridge’s ability to maintain the ideal temperature.

This fridge is also energy efficient. It cools very quickly, so you do not need to wait a lifetime before storing your groceries after plugging them in. The platinum steel, black finish, or white appearance will also give your home a stylish new look.

4. Whirlpool WRT518SZFM 18 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

If you want to get an apartment-sized refrigerator with an ice maker, the Whirlpool WRT518SZFM top-freezer is an option you cannot overlook. This refrigerator has a capacity of 17.6 cu. ft. with a height of 67.12 inches, a depth of 31.62 inches, and a width of 28 inches.

The most significant advantage of this refrigerator compared to other apartment refrigerators is its ice maker. You can get the ice maker kit that the brand sells and install the ice maker yourself. Besides this, the fridge features a set of adjustable shelves and door bins and a half a width wire shelf to keep your food items organized in the refrigerator.

This model also has a full-width crisper drawer that you could use to store various fruits and vegetables in an optimum environment. You can use the fridge’s up-front electronic controls and incandescent lights to illuminate foodstuff inside the unit.

The refrigerator also has a reversible door that makes it ideal for small kitchen spaces. It is also a budget-friendly appliance. Although this fridge is not fingerprint-resistant, you will be encouraged by the reviews of other customers about the overall performance of the refrigerator.

5. Kalamera KRC-18SZB 18 Bottle Single Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

If you are a wine lover, you have probably thought of adding an extra cooling unit just for your wine to keep the beverage at the perfect temperature at all times. However, if you have limited space, perhaps you should consider getting a narrow freestanding wine refrigerator such as the Kalamera KRC-18SZB 18-bottle single-zone wine refrigerator.

This fridge has a total storage capacity of 18 cu. ft. It is 12 inches wide and has a depth of 22.4 inches. It holds up to 18 bottles of wine, measuring about 750ml, provided that they do not bulge at the sides. The fridge has adjustable wooden racks that you can reorganize for your convenience and style.

To fit 18 bottles of wine in the fridge, arrange the middle bottles facing the opposite direction on each shelf. This arrangement also distributes the weight of the wine bottles evenly across the refrigerator.

This quiet and affordable refrigerator is merely 12 inches tall, so you can fit it under the counter or in any freestanding space in your home or office.


What Is The Size Of The Most Miniature Apartment Refrigerators?

Most miniature apartment refrigerator measures 24 inches in width and about 10 cubic feet inside. This storage space is only enough for the weekly groceries of one or two people. Apartment refrigerators are therefore an excellent pick for apartments and other homes with limited space.
Before you purchase a 24-inch refrigerator, make sure you have about 1 or 2 inches of extra space where you plan on fitting the fridge. This space is necessary for ensuring an adequate flow of air in and out of the refrigerator.

How Much Space Do You Need Around A Refrigerator?

It does not matter the type of fridge you have or wish to get. All kinds of refrigerators need adequate space all around them for free aeration. To know how much space you need for your apartment refrigerator, read the detailed guide in the installation section of the model’s manual.
However, most refrigerator manufacturers recommend 0.5 inches of space on the sides of the appliance and 2.0 inches of space at the back of the fridge. If there is a cabinet over the area you plan to fit your new refrigerator, make sure that you leave about an inch of space between the cabinet and the top of the fridge.

How Do You Organize A Narrow Refrigerator?

Apartment refrigerators have limited space compared to other fridge models. Hence, if you have this kind of refrigerator, you want to be extra thoughtful and creative in utilizing your space. Overstuffing the refrigerator reduces its efficiency as airflow within the fridge becomes obstructed.
Overstuffed refrigerators also break down quickly due to overheating within the fridge, and the rate of food spoilage is also relatively high. Hence if you have a narrow fridge, avoid storing foodstuff that does not need to be stored, like bread, onions, garlic, coffee, and tomatoes.
Also, ensure that the food storage containers are not too big. Use food containers that can be stacked in the fridge to provide maximum space utilization. If you have bulky food items such as juices or milk, avoid storing them on the shelves and instead utilize the door bins on the refrigerator doors.

Bottom Line

In an age where apartments and tiny houses are gaining more popularity, it is essential to make sure that every inch of space is wisely used to avoid living in cramped spaces.

One of the best ways that you can do this is by getting an apartment refrigerator. When shopping for one, make sure you get modern features, have good organization, fit your style, and are from a reliable brand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Last update on 2024-04-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API