Best Counter-Depth Refrigerator [Top 5 Reviews]

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The most winsome thing about counter-depth refrigerators is their aesthetic appeal. These refrigerators donโ€™t stick out beyond the counters and cabinets. They give your kitchen a sleek and streamlined look similar to that of an in-built refrigerator.

Counter-depth refrigerators stand flush with the rest of your furniture. Since they have limited depth compared to other types of refrigerators, counter depths tend to be wider and taller, so you donโ€™t have to compromise on either space or aesthetics.

A counter-depth refrigerator is ideal for you if you have an apartment-sized kitchen because it will not obstruct your kitchen paths when the fridge door is open. It is also a good choice if you want your kitchen to have a built-in look without spending too much money on renovations or a complete kitchen makeover.

Below is a list of Top counter depth refrigerators in March, 2024 and a guide to help you choose a fridge that will best suit your needs.

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Best Counter Depth Refrigerator
Choose the best counter-depth refrigerator!

Top 5 counter-depth refrigerators for 2024

  1. Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF
  2. LG Electronics LFCC22426S
  3. Samsung RF23M8570SG
  4. LG Electronics LSXC22396S
  5. Frigidaire GRSS2352AF Gallery Side-by-Side Refrigerator

1. Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF

The Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF is one of those refrigerators that have everything you may need in a fridge, from excellent cooling performance to impressive space and a sleek finish.

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Although getting a counter-depth refrigerator could feel like you are compromising on storage capacity, this counter-depth fridgeโ€™s shallower profile sits flush with your cabinetry while making every available foot of space count.

It offers you several storage options, such as the Custom-Flex Temp drawer that allows you to keep selected food items at an ideal temperature. The separate drawer has a temperature range of between 6 to 45 degrees, giving you the flexibility to store different foods and retract them without opening the whole refrigerator.

The fridge also has a retractable flip-up shelf that allows you to fit more oversized items like pitchers, milk cans, water bottles, and bottles of wine. You can also use the snack compartment below the crisper drawers as additional storage for your fruit and vegetable salads or preps.

Another fantastic feature of this appliance is that you can use the lowest section of the refrigerator as freezer space for your turkey and leftover chicken or as a fridge to keep your deli fresh. The ice maker and water dispenser are tall enough for your large water bottles, and they quick-freeze chills foods faster than other refrigerators.

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Additionally, this 21.8 cubic foot counter-depth fridge is relatively easy to clean. It has a smudge-free stainless steel finish that is fingerprint-proof, so you wonโ€™t have to clean it daily like you would a white or black finish. It is also energy certified, so your energy usage is kept at a minimum all year long.

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  • Quick-freeze
  • Maintains consistent low temperatures
  • It gives flexible and organized storage spaces
  • Humidity controlled drawers
  • Tall water and ice dispenser
  • Energy-star certified


The ice and water dispenser takes up storage space.

2. LG Electronics LFCC22426S

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The LG Electronics LFCC22426S is a 23 cubic feet fridge that combines style and innovative features at a mid-range price. Its smart compatibility feature allows you to pair it with Google Assistant to do grocery shopping based on data collected by the fridge in real time.

This smart feature also creates expiry date notifications, looks up recipes, and uploads photos you could use to prep dinner or a quick meal in the morning.

It offers you over 16 cubic feet of refrigerator space and about 7.3 freezer space that can hold a weekโ€™s worth of food for your family of four. You can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in the crispy drawers, water bottles, condiments in the gallon door storage, and your weekly meal preps on the four adjustable glass shelves.

Although this refrigerator doesnโ€™t have a water dispenser and its ice maker is relatively slow, it is budget-friendly, operates very silently, and keeps the temperatures optimal, so your food does not freeze before you use it.

It also has smart pull handle engineering that makes the door relatively light to pull open and reduces wear and tear as it shuts.


  • Smart home compatible
  • Pull handle engineering
  • Plenty of storage options


  • The ice maker is slow
  • Has no water or ice dispenser

3. Samsung RF23M8570SG

If you have a smart home, then you will love the Samsung RF23M8570SG. This 22 cubic feet counter depth 4 French door refrigerator is a smart family hub that connects your whole family any time, all time.

Samsung RF23M8570SGโ€™s smart features allow you to play music on Spotify as you prepare dinner for your family, manage calendars and track expiry dates of foods like chicken to prevent food poisoning due to spoilage.

This refrigerator also keeps your family connected by sharing and keeping photos you took while preparing dinner or having dinner together as a family.

With its Family Hub, you can manage your familyโ€™s calendars, play music on Spotify, share pictures and stay connected. Say goodbye to sticky notes and magnets, thanks to Family Board, a digital bulletin board. With it, you can customize photos, add stickers and leave handwritten notes for your family.

This refrigerator also has an InstaView feature on the door that allows you to evaluate your stock without opening the door, which often lets in warm air and changes the fridgeโ€™s temperature settings.

If you are a busy mom, you will love the touch screen feature on the door because it allows you to make and leave notes on meal preps or recipes they could try out in case you get late in the evening after work. This ensures that your family shares healthy homemade food every day, even in your absence.

The refrigerator also allows you to integrate the fridge with other smart appliances in your home, making it easy to coordinate everything from the SmartThings app anywhere around the house.

Besides the smart features, this French door counter depth refrigerator has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish, so if you are a working mother of small children, you donโ€™t need to include a daily cleaning routine for your fridge every morning.

Other impressive features include adjustable shelves in the refrigerator compartment, gallon door storage for large items, an ice and water dispenser, a child lock that keeps the children off the fridge, and a door alarm that goes off when the fridge door is left open.

The icing on the cake is that the refrigerator is energy star certified and saves you about 79 dollars worth of energy bills annually.


  • Smarthome compatibility and technological features
  • Three built-in interior cameras
  • Energy-star certified
  • Sleek appearance


  • Expensive

4. LG Electronics LSXC22396S

The LG Electronics LSXC22396S is our pick for the best door-in-door counter-depth refrigerator. This 21.7 cubic feet side-by-side fridge not only has an attractive outward appearance but also has smart capabilities and features that make it quite suitable for your contemporary kitchen.

Some of the features that make this fridge eye-catching include an InstaView window that allows you to see the content of your fridge without opening the refrigerator door.

Minimizing the amount of cold air escaping from the refrigerator prolongs the fridgeโ€™s lifespan and keeps your food fresh for a long time. If your fridge is messy because it has been a busy and rough week for you, you can tap on the tinted panel to conceal the mess until your next clean-up.

You can choose to have this counter-depth fridge door in a stainless steel finish. But if you prefer a darker color to match the design of your cabinets, a fridge with a trendy black stainless steel finish will bring out that visual appeal perfectly.

The refrigerator also has LED panels on the rear part of the refrigerator. They provide you with adequate interior lighting that is more energy-efficient compared to traditional bulbs. Its storage bins are flexible.

Their ability to smoothly glide up and down allows you to fit foodstuffs and drinks in an organized manner according to your storage needs. You can also fit a pitcher under the ice and water dispenser because it is pretty tall.

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  • Wi-Fi capability
  • InstaView feature
  • Large capacity
  • Multi-flow air vent


  • Expensive
  • No air filter in the drawers

5. Frigidaire GRSS2352AF Gallery Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The Frigidaire GRSS2352AF Gallery is a 22.3 cubic feet side-by-side refrigerator that maximizes looks and price. It is a stylish counter-depth fridge with a smudge-proof stainless steel finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

Some of the features that call attention include a deli drawer and humidity-controlled drawers with air filtration capabilities. These drawers not only filter the air but also seal the drawers to lock out any foul air from the rest of the fridge, keeping your fresh vegetables and fruits crisp and firm until usage.

Another exciting feature is the vertical storage in the freezer next to the ice maker, which is perfect for a bottle or two of Limeade slush and grapefruit slush cocktails or frozen Blue Daiquiri if you like having cool drinks.

The freezer section has clear plastic drawers that enable you to organize your food items rather than pile them up in corners that you never find until the next general cleaning of the fridge.

The adjustable shelves in the refrigerator section are spill-proof. The interior is brightly illuminated by LED multilevel lighting, ensuring no fridge area is cast in the shadows.

These features are complemented by a pure source filtration system that filters the water and gives it a good taste and an LED door display that allows you to select custom options for your fridge.


  • Crisper drawers that have an air filtration system
  • LED multilevel lighting
  • flexible organization
  • Affordability
  • Smart home compatibility.


If you donโ€™t keep tall items in the freezer, vertical storage may not be used.

5 things to consider when choosing a counter-depth refrigerator

  1. Storage Capacity
  2. Available Space
  3. Level Of Noise
  4. Ice And Water Dispensers
  5. Types Of Counter-Depth Refrigerators

The best thing about getting a counter-depth refrigerator is that you can get any refrigerator you want and still enjoy the visual appeal of a fridge that stands flush with your cabinets.

But before you get a side-by-side or French door counter depth fridge, consider the size of your family, as this dictates the amount of storage counter depths capacity you need and the reliability of the appliance cause counter depths are expensive. You want to get the best fridge at the best price.

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Below are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for a counter-depth refrigerator. The following guide will help you decide which refrigerator will work best for you.

1. Storage Capacity

One major setback about having a counter depth refrigerator if you have a large family is that counter depths have a smaller storage capacity due to reduced depths.

So it would be best if you considered which feature is more important for your family between aesthetic and storage capacity. If this question does not put you in a dilemma, you can enjoy adequate storage and get a seamless look for your kitchen.

But even if you have a slightly bigger family, say a family of five, you could still get a counter-depth refrigerator with adequate storage space. However, it will have to be wider and taller than other types of refrigerators. So you need to ensure that the area you have designated for your fridge is spacious enough to fit it.

The great advantage of the counter depths over the standard refrigerator types is that you do not need to dig out stuff you buried in the freezer months ago. Everything is in a good range for close monitoring.

2. Available Space

Another essential factor to consider is the space available for fitting. Getting your fridge home is already a hustle by itself, so nothing could be more frustrating than getting your new fridge home only to realize that it is half an inch taller or wide than the space available. So you have to take it back or renovate your kitchen.

To avoid this disappointing situation, you need to measure the available kitchen space, including the depth when the refrigerator doors are open and closed. It would be best to also account for cabinet trims and floor molding when taking measurements because these also take up a bit of floor space.

Do not be share to go shopping with the tape measure that has your floor space markings. It can save you a lot of time and money. Manufacturers often take into account the need for air circulation in their fridge dimensions. However, you need to take this into account nonetheless.

3. Level of Noise

Working at home has become an attractive alternative to working every day; having a refrigerator that operates with a low noise level is a great fortune. When working from home, you need a working environment with a noise level of about 40 decibels.

It is good to consider fridge models with a noise range of between 38-47 decibels when shopping. Sometimes, the noise levels noted by the refrigerator in the manual do not always match the fridgeโ€™s noise.

So the best way to find out the level of noise of a refrigerator is to go through buyer reviews and comments about the model you want.

The buyer reviews will help you determine whether the compressor makes noise when turned on or insulated to mute the noise. Although the noise level is subjective, it is not hard to eliminate customersโ€™ refrigerator models pointed out as noisy.

4. Ice and Water Dispensers

Long gone are days when having a refrigerator with an ice maker and a water dispenser was a luxury. Today, most refrigerators have these features. Customers are not satisfied with a fridge without them unless they get a refrigerator for additional storage space and donโ€™t need an extra icemaker or dispenser.

So when getting a counter depth model, compensate your loss of space with a unit with a water and ice dispenser, water filtration systems that give you a constant supply of fresh water, and crushed or cubed ice.

Suppose you have a constant supply of fresh water from the kitchen faucet. In that case, you can get a counter-depth refrigerator that you can connect to a water filtration system instead of getting a fridge with an ice maker. Keep in mind that ice makers take up refrigeration space and cause more fridge repairs than any other feature in the refrigerator.

5. Types of counter-depth refrigerators

You can get a counter-depth refrigerator in various styles. It is up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

1. Side-by-side refrigerator

As the name suggests, this type of fridge has two sections the refrigerator and freezer compartment separated in the middle and each with a separate door.

The refrigerator compartment is on the right side, while the freezer compartment is on the left side. This refrigerator type is best suited for people who value their freezer space as much as their fridge space.

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2. French door refrigerator

This is the most trendy refrigerator type in the market today. It has an upper section with two swing doors that open the refrigerator section from the center, and a lower section provides space to keep your frozen foods.

Most customers like this model because the refrigerator keeps all your food items at eye level, making it convenient to grab your favorite snacks without opening the door too long. The freezer compartment may have one door that opens like a drawer.

The French door fridge with four swing doors has two at the bottom of the unit for the freezer, and they swing open from the center like in the upper compartment. This model is ideal for families who keep a more significant amount of fresh food than frozen food.

Other French door refrigerators have two drawers below the refrigerator compartment, one for frequently accessed food while the other is for frozen foods. Although these options offer you versatility, they often reduce the freezer space.

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3. Bottom Freezer

Bottom freezer refrigerators are much like the top freezers, although their refrigerator compartment is on the upper section rather than the lower one. Customers often choose this type of refrigerator over the top freezer model because it brings refrigerated food to eye level.

The downside of this fridge is that it experiences more repair needs and is less energy efficient than the top freezer refrigerator. Since it is broader than the top freezer, ensure you have enough space to swing the door open without obstruction.

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Are Our Counter-Depth Refrigerators More Expensive?

Yes, they are in most cases. Counter-depth fridges do not have standard depth. They require to be engineered according to specific measurements for them to blend in with your kitchen design seamlessly. It also comes with other features like flexible compartments, ice makers, and water dispensers, contributing to its high cost.

Are All Counter-Depth Refrigerators The Same Depth?

Most counter-depth refrigerators have the same depth as cabinets, i.e., 24 inches deep. However, this measurement does not include the door and its handles, whose depths vary between models. So when getting a counter depth refrigerator, ensure that the door and handle depths are accounted for.

Best counter-depth refrigerator deals for March, 2024

-41%Bestseller 1
LG LRFOC2606S 26 Cu. Ft. Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
  • Built-in Style You Love. All The Space You Need.
  • Twice The Ice Makers
  • Designed For More Shelf Space
  • Stylish Design You Can
-36%Bestseller 2
Forno Moena 36" Inch W. Refrigerator and Freezer with 19.2 cu.ft Total Capacity - French Door Counter Stainless Steel Freestanding Fridge with Ice Maker, Child Safety Lock and Touch Control
  • ๐…๐‘๐„๐’๐‡ ๐…๐Ž๐Ž๐ƒ ๐™๐Ž๐๐„: The 36โ€ Forno french door refrigerator offers a frost-free, free-standing design with a multi-air flow cooling system. With ample space to store your fresh food with 3 adjustable glass shelves, Two-gallon bins, and 2 Durable Drawers. The Fridge capacity is 12.12 cubic feet. Easy access drawers when doors are open at 90ยฐ
  • ๐…๐‘๐„๐„๐™๐„๐‘ ๐™๐Ž๐๐„: The freezer capacity is 7.14 cubic feet, Ice maker Capacity: is 4.3L. The freezer is equipped with two Drawer Freezers, 4 Large Door Baskets, 2 Extra Large Basket For Gallon Bottles, 1 Transparent tray in the bottom drawer, 1 LED Light, and Automatic Ice Maker With Heater Element. There will be a soft alert sound if the door is left open. The refrigerator compartment also offers a convenient fast freeze setting
  • ๐…๐„๐€๐“๐”๐‘๐„๐’: Electronic Display Control Built In The Side Door, Intelligence Chip Temperature Control. This refrigerator has a child lock mode, vacation mode, Sabbath model, Quiet Operation, Ice maker inside freezer drawer, VCM (silver or black) door panel, LED light inside, LED display, Easy closing hinge, Easy Clean FORNO Professional Handles, Door opening alarm, Condenser in the compressor room, heat radiation from the bottom, Inverter compressor, Auto Door Closer, Leveling Legs
  • ๐’๐„๐“ ๐ˆ๐๐‚๐‹๐”๐ƒ๐„๐’: 36" french 2 Door Refrigerator 2 Drawer Freezer with Ice Maker. Total Frost-Free Design, 4 Massive Pro Style Handle, Multi Air Flow, Refrigerant R 600 Gas, Food Safe 430 Stainless Steel, Spill-Proof Shelves, Single Refrigeration System, Low Noise, E-star Energy rating. Also, the Installation Kit, Power Cord, Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer, Replacement Water Filter, and Ice Maker Connector are included
  • ๐ˆ๐๐‚๐‹๐”๐ƒ๐„๐’: Forno offers this Refrigerator 2 Year Factory Parts and Labor Warranty. The Alta Qualita 36โ€ Pro-Style Counter-Depth refrigerator Total Net Capacity: 19.2cu. Ft, Fridge Net Capacity: 12.1cu.ft, Freezer Net Capacity: 7.1cu.ft, 2.1 Amperage, 240 Wattage, 115 Volt 60 Hz, and CSA listings. standard dimensions (W x D x H) (in): 35.9โ€ x 27.8โ€ x 69.88โ€ Product Net Weight: 233 lbs and Carton Dimension (W x D x H) (in): 38.1โ€ x 29.5โ€ x 72.6โ€ Weight: 255 Lbs
-13%Bestseller 3
Hamilton Beach HBF2064 20.6 cu ft Counter Depth Full Size Refrigerator, Side Doors, Stainless
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Side by Side 20.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity, perfect for all the family members.Frequency : 60 hertz
  • SIDE-BY-SIDE DOOR DESIGN: Allows you to organize and store your fresh and frozen foods to easily find what you need.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Easily adjust your refrigerator and freezer settings from the digital display control panel conveniently mounted on the inside of the refrigerator door
  • OVERSIZE DOOR BINS: Our gallon-size bins are designed to store more, so you can fit a variety of beverages
  • INTERIOR LIGHTING: LED lighting throughout the refrigerator for better visibility
-11%Bestseller 4
Hamilton Beach HBF1770 French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator with Freezer Drawer, 17.7 cu ft, Stainless Steel (Full Size)
  • 3 DOOR DESIGN: Allows you to organize and store your fresh and frozen foods to easily find what you need
  • ADJUSTABLE FREEZER STORAGE: Maximize your freezer storage space, easily organize, and find frozen foods with 4 freezer bins in 2 pull out drawers
  • VERSATILE: Refrigerator offers 3 adjustable, full-width, slide-out glass shelves, transparent vegetable crisper, clear door shelves. Includes two front mount adjustable leveling legs and two castors mounted at the back to allow for easy movement
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Easily adjust your refrigerator and freezer settings from the digital display control panel conveniently mounted on the inside of the refrigerator door
  • INTERIOR LIGHTING: LED lighting throughout the refrigerator for better visibility
-6%Bestseller 5
Frigidaire EFR753-PLATINUM EFR753, 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with Freezer, Retro Chrome Handle, cu ft, Platinum Series, Stainless Steel, 7.5, Silver
282 Reviews
Frigidaire EFR753-PLATINUM EFR753, 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with Freezer, Retro Chrome Handle, cu ft, Platinum Series, Stainless Steel, 7.5, Silver
  • RETRO DESIGN: This fridge has a retro style with chrome recessed door handles and hinges covers. Presenting a sophisticated and refined look in your apartment.Lock Type:No Door Lock
  • FREEZER: This 2 door refrigerator has a separate freezer shelf compartment. It is equipped with a door bin for frozen foods.
  • EASY TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Easily accessible temperature controls make temperature management easy.
  • STORAGE SPACE: 7.5 cu. ft. of storage capacity lets you stock up on all of your favorite foods. Storage bins in the door help to keep smaller items handy and organized. Vegetable and fruit crisper bin helps preserve the freshness of produce
  • SPILL-PROOF SHELVES: Include 3 adjustable spill-proof glass shelves that contain spills and simplify cleanup, preventing liquids from leaking onto shelves below.
Bestseller 6
FORTร‰ F15TFRESSS 250 Series Stainless Steel Refrigerator with Counter Depth Top Freezer, 28 Inch, 14.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity, Fridge for Kitchen, Office, Apartment, Glass Shelves, Reversible Door
  • COUNTER DEPTH REFRIGERATORS: This is a freestanding counter depth refrigerator, designed to sit nearly flush with countertops. The counter-depth design will create a more streamlined and built-in appearance in your kitchen, while the sleek stainless steel construction will bring a modern look into your own home. Dimensions are as follows: Exterior Width - 28", Width - 27.56", Height - 66.125", Depth - 27.56"
  • HELPS WITH FROST: This fridge with freezer is built with a no frost technology that helps with frost build-up on the inner walls, eliminating the need for periodic manually defrosting.
  • MULTI-AIR FLOW SYSTEM: The refrigerator freezer is built with a multi-air flow system to maintain optimal humidity levels and even temperature, keeping your food and beverages fresher for longer.
  • REVERSIBLE DOOR: You can set the fridge freezer door to open according to your preference whether it is from the left or the right, making your cooking or snack grabbing experience a breeze.
  • SPACIOUS CAPACITY: With a total capacity of 14.5 cu. ft. and two glass shelves included, this refrigerator with freezer can handle all of your food storage needs. Store fruit, vegetables, any beverage, leftover, and so much more with this fridge and freezer combo. ENERGY STAR Certified and 1 Year Warranty included
Bestseller 7
SMETA Refrigerator 14.2 Cu Ft Counter Depth Refrigerators with Top Freezer, Apartment Kitchen Full Size Fridge 28 Inch, Upright Top Mount Garage Refrigerators, Double Door, Frost Free, Ice Maker Ready
7 Reviews
SMETA Refrigerator 14.2 Cu Ft Counter Depth Refrigerators with Top Freezer, Apartment Kitchen Full Size Fridge 28 Inch, Upright Top Mount Garage Refrigerators, Double Door, Frost Free, Ice Maker Ready
  • Full size Refrigerators: The top mount freezer refrigerator 14.2 cu ft is Full-space frost-free design, Integrated circulating air, more efficient and stable refrigeration , provides ample storage for fresh and frozen items. The first time you see it, you will be amazed by the fine workmanship appearance of this refrigerator.
  • Large Storage Capacity: The 2 door apartment refrigerator with 3.7 Cu.ft Freezer, measures 27.56x 29.17x 59.88 inches for the perfect amount of versatile food storage space in your apartment kitchen, home, office or garage.
  • Slide-Full Width Shelf: Out storage shelves for easy access and removal of pies, cakes, casseroles, and larger food items, as well as LED lighting for a warm, natural light; Gallon door bins make it easy to store tall items and beverages alongside your favorite sauces, dressings and other ingredients.
  • Low Maintenance: Compact fridge is stable performance with R600a compressor, 5 conversion modes adjustable thermostat control, removable door handle, adjustable feets, minimize-noise, better refrigerating performance and less maintenance.
  • Freezer and Refrigerator Combo: We provide a 12-month warranty and any interests with this kitchen refrigerator|refrigeradores, please feel free to contact us at anytime
Bestseller 8
Galanz GLR74BRDR12 Retro Refrigerator with Bottom Mount Freezer Frost Free, Dual Door Fridge, Adjustable Electrical Thermostat Control, 7.4 Cu Ft, Red
  • SPACE SAVING & LARGE CAPACITY This retro bottom mount refrigerator with 20.79โ€™โ€™ 24.09โ€™โ€™ 65.55โ€™โ€™ (WD H), and 7.4 Cu. Ft. capacity is perfectly sized to keep your favorite beverage cool, fruit or other food fresh. The sleek, retro design refrigerator is perfect for college dorm rooms, offices, garages, home bars.
  • ADJUSTABLE MECHANICAL THERMOSTAT CONTROL Galanz bottom refrigerator can be controlled manually with the control dial from 0-7, you can turn the knob to set the temperature you want. And the temperature range for refrigerator compartment is 32โ„‰ to 47โ„‰, freezer compartmentโ‰ค-0.4โ„‰.
  • REMOVABLE GLASS SHELVES The glass shelf and drawer separate fruit and vegetable. Glass shelves can separate your different types of food. A removable slide-out glass shelf provides more ways to organize your storage needs.
  • ENERGY SAVING & LEVELING FRONT LEGS Retro bottom mount refrigerator uses R600a high-efficiency and low-energy consumption compressor, it can cool food quickly with lower energy. Leveling legs can adjust feet and keep level placement anywhere.
  • LED INTERIOR LIGHT - This thoughtful refrigerator offers a bright interior lighting. It gives you better visibility. LED light would be automatically turned on or off when you switch the door.
Bestseller 9
KoolMore KM-RERFDSS-18C 30-Inch and 18.5 cu. ft. Counter Depth French Refrigerator with Three Doors and Deep Freezer in Stainless-Steel, Silver
  • Premium French Door Refrigerator โ€“ The KoolMore Stainless-Steel Refrigerator Provides All The Storage And Accessibility You Need With Plenty Of Room For Food And Drinks, And Double Crispers With Humidity Control
  • Spacious Capacity And Adjustable Shelving โ€“ At 18.5 Cu. Ft. This Refrigerator Clearance Lines Up With Your Kitchen Counters But Still Provides Two Large Freezer Drawers, 6 Door Bins, And Adjustable Glass Shelving For All Your Food Items.
  • Modern Stainless-Steel Design โ€“ A Flat Finish With Easy-Open Handles This Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Fits In Seamlessly With Your Other Appliances And Sits At Just The Right Height And Depth For Contemporary Kitchens
  • Precision Temperature Control Designed with a double-flow cooling system and digital temperature control our stainless-steel fridge offers equal distribution of cool temperatures to keep fruit, vegetables, and meat fresher, longer.
Bestseller 11
Galanz GLR12BS2K16 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator, Three Doors Fridge, 12.3 Cu.Ft, Stainless Steel
506 Reviews
Galanz GLR12BS2K16 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator, Three Doors Fridge, 12.3 Cu.Ft, Stainless Steel
  • ใ€CRISPER DRAWER WITH HUMIDITY CONTROL & ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLใ€‘ Better organization and longer freshness. Full width Clear crisper drawers keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer. Electronic temperature control allows you to easily change the temperature to suit your needs in both the fresh food compartment as well as the freezer drawers.
  • ใ€REMOVABLE GLASS SHELVESใ€‘ There are three removable glass shelves. The glass shelf separates fruit and vegetable. Glass shelves can separate your different types of food. A removable slide-out glass shelf provides more ways to organize your storage needs.
  • ใ€REVERISIBLE DOOR & TWO LEVELING FRONT LEGSใ€‘ Reversible Door that can open from left or right, reversible door that can be suitable for different kitchen layouts. Bottom mount refrigerator uses R600a high efficiency, it can cool food quickly with lower energy. Leveling legs can adjust feet and keep level placement anywhere.
  • ใ€LED INTERIOR LIGHTING & FROST FREEใ€‘ LED interior lighting can provide better visibility and bright lights to illuminate interior. Frost free can prevent frost build up, frost will not form on your food or the freezer's interior.
Bestseller 12
Forno Salerno 33" Inch W. Side-by-side Refrigerator and Freezer with 15.6 Cu.Ft. Total Capacity - Stainless Steel Freestanding Fridge with LED Display, Vacation mode and Child Safety Lock.
  • ๐…๐‘๐„๐’๐‡ ๐…๐Ž๐Ž๐ƒ ๐™๐Ž๐๐„: Forno 33 in. freestanding counter depth side by side refrigerator with 15.62cu. ft. capacity, 3-glass shelves, crisper drawer, automatic defrost, adjustable glass shelves, One-gallon bin, and Gallon Storage on the door. The Fridge's capacity is 9.54 cubic feet. Easy access drawers when doors are open at 90ยฐ
  • ๐…๐‘๐„๐„๐™๐„๐‘ ๐™๐Ž๐๐„: The freezer capacity is 6.08 cubic feet. The freezer is equipped with two Freezer Drawers, Glass & Plastic Freezer shelves to store larger items and make the best use of freezer space. The No-Frost air-cooling system for the refrigerator and freezer compartments provides optimal temperatures of +2ยบF to + 6ยบF and humidity control to keep food fresher longer
  • ๐…๐„๐€๐“๐”๐‘๐„๐’: Keep track of the temperature settings with the conveniently placed electronic LED display on the door. It also features Easy Clean FORNO Professional Handles, LED light inside, Door opening alarm, Condenser in the compressor room, heat radiation from the bottom, Food Safe 430 Stainless Steel, and Inverter compressor
  • ๐’๐„๐“ ๐ˆ๐๐‚๐‹๐”๐ƒ๐„๐’: The Alta Qualita 33" Freestanding Side-By-Side Counter Depth Refrigerator is equipped with an Electric LED display on the door, Vacation mode, Child lock mode, VCM (silver or black) door panel, CSA approval, Energy Policy Act 1992 Compliant: Yes. Also, the Installation Kit and Power Cord included
  • ๐ˆ๐๐‚๐‹๐”๐ƒ๐„๐’: Forno offers this Side-by-side Refrigerator and Freezer 2 Year Factory Parts and Labor Warranty. The total Net Capacity is 15.62 cubic feet, Contain Gases: R600A, Circuit Breaker 2.2 Amps, 190 Wattage, 115 Volt 60Hz, ETL, and CSA listings. The Refrigerator Overall Dimensions are (W x D x H) (in): 32.9โ€ x 25โ€ x 70.1โ€ Weight: 176.4lbs and Carton Dimension (W x D x H) (in): 35.2 x 26.8 x 72.6 Weight(lb): 200.6 lbs
Bestseller 13
Frestec 14.6 CU' Refrigerator with Freezer, Apartment Size Refrigerator Top Freezer, 2 Door Fridge with Adjustable Thermostat Control, Freestanding, Door Swing, Stainless Steel (FR 1462 SL)
  • Large in Capacity: No more worries about the limited space to store your favorites. Our apartment size refrigerator possesses a much deeper and enlarged space of 26.77" x 27.56" x 67.13" with large capacity to keep all your food totally fresh.
  • 5 Adjustable Temperature Control: From 21.2ยฐF to -0.4ยฐF in frozen zone, our refrigerator ensures all frozen foods in fresh conditions and stores your favorite ice-creams. Performed from 32ยฐF to 50ยฐF in refrigerator zone, the refrigerator locks moisture to keeps ingredients fresh every moment.
  • Frost Free for Effortless Clean: Our refrigerator circulates cold air throughout the freezer and refrigerator zone so that you'll never defrost your freezer. Just wipe the food residue out with the cleaning rag. Also, it is equipped with the removable door seal for effortless cleaning.
  • Removable Glass Shelves: There are removable glass shelves and a wire shelf for organizing your supplies well. If you need to arrange taller items, they could be removed or adjusted for maximum storage to fit your needs while leaving room for convenience.
  • Whisper-quiet Operation: Our top freezer refrigerator has engineered a whisper-quiet compressor that is virtually undetectable when it works on and off. Therefore, this refrigerator with freezer is perfect for apartment, office, lounge, bar, garage, man cave.
Bestseller 14
Summit Appliance FFBF235PL 24" Wide Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Energy Star, LED Lighting, Stainless Steel (LHD)
  • Energy Star 24-Inch Freezer Refrigerator: Summit's thin-line series of ENERGY STAR-certified counter-depth bottom freezer refrigerators conserves energy and space but adds quality and function with innovative features, convenient sizes, and energy-efficient operation. At 23.25" deep and 23.5" wide, the FFBF235PL offers 10.8 cu. Ft. of storage capacity, ideal for space-challenged kitchens with complete refrigeration needs.
  • Features: Our FFBF235PL includes a large humidity-controlled crisper drawer and a second meat drawer that can hold colder temperatures for deli items or easily convert to a regular crisper. The large freezer section features one shelf and two slide-out storage drawers with clear plastic fronts. These fronts help to protect your frozen goods from warmer ambient temperatures when the door is opened.
  • Multiple Use: With its elegant design, unique size, and complete storage capacity, the FFBF235PL is the perfect energy-efficient addition to any kitchen looking to bring true quality, modern style, and energy savings in a smaller footprint than standard household refrigerators.
  • Reversible Door: Allow you to adjust the door swing to best suit your space. The doors and drawers come in a stainless-steel look with a horizontal grain, offering a luxurious appearance with fingerprint-resistant convenience, paired with two handles in the same finish. The side cabinet features a textured gray finish. The unit features a sealed back and right-angle plug for added space savings in smaller kitchens.
  • Storage: Inside, the FFBF235PL comes fully featured for maximum storage convenience with frost-free operation ideal for minimum maintenance. The refrigerator section includes adjustable shelves made from safety glass for durability and easy cleaning. An innovative touch control system lets you manage the refrigerator and freezer temperature with an intuitive digital thermostat. Super Freeze setting allows you to rapidly cool the freezer section, which is ideal for newly loaded groceries.
Bestseller 19
GE 18.6 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Counter Depth ENERGY STAR
  • 32 3/4 in. french door refrigerator with LED lighting
  • One-touch dispenser provides filtered water
  • Turbo settings for fast cooling and freezing
Bestseller 20
Upstreman 11.6 Cu.Ft. Double Door Fridge in Stainless Steel with Large Capacity Top Freezer, Auto Defrost, Adjustable Thermostat Control, Reversible Door Swing, ENERGY STAR
  • Large Capacity:The refrigerator is spaciously constructed for greater space savings, which measures 28.7โ€™โ€™*23.7 โ€™โ€™*59.5 โ€™โ€™(D*W*H) with a total of 11.6 cu. ft. of capacity, includes a larger and deeper freezer area(3.2 cu.ft.) and refrigerator area(8.4 cu.ft.)
  • Stainless Steel Appearance: The refrigerator has a unique material and a reflective stainless steel door. It has a beautiful and unique appearance, suitable for modern and fashionable home environments.
  • Air-Cooled Auto Defrost: The automatic defrost system circulates cold air through the freezer zone, freezing food without frost. There is no need to manually defrost it.
  • Energy Saving & Low Noise๏ผšThe refrigerator runs at a very low noise.It has earned the Energy Star, which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and it costs an average of $0.15 per day in daily electricity costs.
  • Electronic Temperature Control: From 7.16ยฐF to -7.24ยฐF in frozen zone, our refrigerator ensures all frozen foods in fresh conditions. Ranges from 32.5ยฐF to 46.4ยฐF in refrigerator zone, there are 3 variable temperature settings can be manually switched between as per your needs.

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